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ExHIBITION description

Four Minutes of Silence  

22nd of April – 7th of May 2021
Gallery of The Archive of Vojvodina

The master thesis Four Minutes of Silence is the result of two years of artistic research into four case studies of the murder of animal rights activists. The main initiative for this subject of research is the internet article WOMEN THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS, on which the research of the final year of bachelor studies was previously conducted. The article cites Jane Tipson (1950-2003), Jill Phipps (1964-1995), Dian Fossey (1932-1985) and Joan Root (1936-2006) as prominent examples of commitment within activist practices for animal rights. From that basic source, I embarked on a case study of the specifics of each case using the method of data collection and case studies. By accumulation, selecting and comparing data, I come to four exhibition units, four works of art performed in different media: performance, installation, drawing and painting. The goals of this research involves experimenting with different ways of media expression in order to examine my own possibilities to realize and articulate the idea, examining previous ways of research that are dominant in my artistic practice, as well as actualizing cases whose narratives are instructive and open to new interpretations when placed in the gallery context.