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ExHIBITION description

Thoughts About Vanishing

Újházi Adrienn and Nemanja Milenković
10th– 26th of September 2021
curated by Katarina Kostandinović
Kazamat Gallery, Croatian Association of Artists in Osijek

By noticing the similarities in the artistic process of Adrienn Újházi and Nemanja Milenković, the idea of​​ cooperation between two artists was born and they exhibited together for the first time within the exhibition VIVARIUM (Belgrade Youth Center Gallery, June 30 - July 17, 2020). Thoughts About Vanishing is a continuation of an experiment in which two authors intersect their individual practices and processes. Unlike the previous exhibition where the intention was to recreate and/or evoke the ambience of an art studio or art laboratory and show the processes of accumulation of different materials and access to content that is the subject of individual research, the installation in the Kazamat Gallery examines the temporality of the work of art, character of ephemeral art events/actions, or exhibition in this case. Adrienn Újházi and Nemanja Milenković, in cooperation with curator Katarina Kostandinović, will respond to the invitation to exhibit at the Kazamat Gallery through collective work, field work and a short stay in Osijek. The site-specific installation that will be created during their stay will try to cross the local specifics of the place and the research process of the artists, which on the one hand characterizes work in the field of ecological art (bio art) and, on the other hand, human attitude towards animals.

(excerpt from the foreword by curator Katarina Kostandinović)